Improving the quality and efficiency of patient care through healthcare data.
Clinical Intelligence
Combining medical knowledge, data science, and powerful and intuitive visualization into modern software tools to surface key insights.
Population health
Applying data science to clinical and patient-sourced datasets to proactively risk-stratify patients and recommend interventions.
Clinical decision support
Presenting appropriate data and evidence-based specific information to assist with decision making in the clinical workflow.
Remote patient monitoring
Extending the care continuum to the home, enabling comprehensive patient engagement, and facilitating proactive intervention.
Personalizing medicine
Using algorithms and machine learning to tailor health care to the unique biology of individuals.
Empowering the data-driven physician
Synthesizing clinical knowledge and guidelines with data-driven insights to support the modern physician.
We are highly mission-oriented in how we choose to apply our strengths, and believe strongly in the power of technology to contribute to the advancement of medicine, and the betterment of human lives.